Materials & Care


Superbly crafted by skilled artisans, Maison Soula jewelry is distinguished by its artisanal quality and beautiful materials. The collections offer a wide range of styles, from bold and bewitching to delicate and elegant.

Our pieces are made of 24K Gold Plated Brass which is selected for its higher durability and special structure that allows us to create different and more unique 'light-weight' designs.

As each piece is costume made and meticulously handcrafted for you in our studio, slight variations may occur.

Our selected Baroque Pearls adds a unique appearence to each piece with different variations of shape and luminosity. Please note that as each pearl is natural - coming from the sea -, it may be possible to see small holes on them or receive a different variation of the natural pearl on your piece.

All of our earrings are non-allergenic as their pins are made of gold-plated 925 silver.

Almost all of our jewelries are extremely light-weight that make you forgot you even wear them. In order to be sure, you may check the weighs and dimensions are listed in the product description pages. The weight provided is per earring.


To prevent oxidization and maintain long durability, keep your jewelry free of perfume, lotions, and sprays while using.

It is advised to remove your gold-plated jewelry before showering.

Make sure to store each piece of jewelry in the jewelry case provided or wrapped up in a soft cloth to prevent scratching.

It is recommended to gently wipe the surface of your gold-plated jewelry after each use with a non-abrasive, soft cloth to remove any dirt or debris.